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MOM plus ME Charitable Foundation

We work to help all children in Ukraine live in happy families!


The “MOM plus ME” Charitable Foundation has been helping the children of Ukraine for 15 years.

Who are we?

Since 2007, we have taken care of orphans, cooperated with children’s institutions and hospitals, held festivals, supported the talents of orphans. All in order to give a chance for a successful future to those who do not have parents.

What we are working on now

With the start of a full-scale war at the beginning of 2022, the Foundation helps all children of Ukraine: displaced persons, large and low-income families, orphans – all who need help.

2022 Annual report

We have come so far in 2022. Together we managed to resist and save a significant part of our children. Everything we were able to do was made possible thanks to benefactors and volunteers, as well as, of course, the Defenders of Ukraine. We thank everyone who was there in times of sadness and joy.

Spring for Ukraine in Vienna

Charity gala evening in support of children who remain in Ukraine during the war.

Results of 15 years of work:


children received help


project created


festivals held


patrons joined

We return the stolen childhood

The war stole childhood from Ukrainian children. Many of them lost their homes, their usual lives, and their relatives. It is more difficult for a child’s psyche to withstand such events. That is why we celebrate holidays and make dreams come true to support children and make their lives more comfortable in times of war, as well as to give faith in the future.

Become a volunteer

Join our volunteer movement and become part of the “MOM plus ME” family.
Thank you for your desire to help children! Volunteers create history together with us, in which good will surely win! Join our community!

If you want to become a foundation volunteer and help or a fundraiser volunteer and raise funds, fill out the form. Our volunteer coordinator will contact you during the day!

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Our mission

Helping children today, forming a successful country tomorrow!

Famous friends of the Foundation for 15 years

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You can support the Foundation right now and give children even more chances to live in happy families.

Thank you for your willingness to help!

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