Main projects


The “Health” project is aimed at helping orphans abandoned at birth, prematurely born children in need of treatment, as well as medical institutions where orphans are treated.

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Holiday for children

Traditional shares of the Fund. Together with volunteers, the Foundation welcomes children on the warmest holidays: Easter, Christmas, St. Nicholas Day. Gifts for children are individual. Addressable. With love.

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Speech therapy rooms and sensory rooms

The Foundation organizes and equips speech therapist and defectologist offices and sensory rooms in boarding schools where children with disabilities and toddlers are raised in Children’s Homes.

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Rooms of Happiness

The “Room of Happiness” is a specially equipped playroom in the hospital, where a child removed from a dysfunctional family can find an occupation, receive psychological support from specialists, and for a certain time forget about all difficulties.

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Investment in the future

A project to support the abilities of orphans. It is aimed at revealing and developing children’s talents and abilities, as well as supporting children’s institutions where orphans are located.

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“Mama+Ya” festivals

Creative contests, star concerts, sports relays and competitions, craft workshops, communication with show business stars, athletes, famous personalities, and the opportunity to try different professions with the help of professionals.

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Other projects for children and mothers

Orphan child’s birthday

On his birthday, each child receives an individual gift, sweets, balloons, and most importantly – attention.

Gifts are collected and taken away by the foundation.

Graduate basket

The “Graduate Basket” action was created by our Foundation and is implemented so that every graduate of the orphanage receives the necessary basis for further education and living in a college or school dormitory.

This is important for the social and psychological support of children.

Helping mothers in difficult life circumstances

Our foundation supports women who raise children alone, find themselves in difficult life circumstances or have suffered from violence.

Targeted support for mothers with children

We help find a new job, master a new profession that would feed the family and children grow up in acceptable conditions.

Cooperation with the Center for Social Support

We help and meet the needs of women who are in the Center for Social Support of Families and Children “Mother’s Happiness”.

Projects of cooperation and enlightenment

Business of decent people

Business support (charitable contributions, provision of necessary goods, launch of charity events and collaborations).

Joint actions with business and entrepreneurs

Charitable actions from companies in which certain funds from
sales of goods are transferred to the wards of the Foundation.

In 2021, the following promotions were launched: jewelry companies Style Avenue and iL Cammeo, Roberto Bravo, the Carters chain, Milk Bar, the boutique “Avant-Garde UA”, Aerodesign Studio “Timur and his team”, Brow master Lyudmila Pashkova, meat factory “Prime Minister”


Charitable projects, within the framework of which a product is created specially for the fund, part of the proceeds transferred to wards.

In 2021, the NICO Tessuti x Mama plus Me collaboration was created.


Charity lottery in which the lot is provided by the company, everyone proceeds are transferred to the Foundation.

For 2021, lotteries were held in cooperation with the online store and the Flora company.

Charity project “Good coffee”

“Good coffee” is the warmest charity project that unites the restaurant industry of the entire country and millions of Ukrainians to help orphans, wards of the “MOM plus ME” Charitable Foundation.


The goal of the project is to remind that there are children near us who are deprived of parental care and it is within our power to surround them with care and attention.

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Talk about me This child needs a family

The television project is broadcast on channel 11 in Dnipro, TV channel “Z” in Zaporizhzhia, and on the YouTube channel. These are stories of children who dream of finding their parents and believe in a miracle.

Television project “Talk about me. This child needs a family” cooperated with various local and national TV channels for 14 years, now it is broadcast on Channel 11 of Dnipro, TV channel “Z” of Zaporizhzhia, and on the YouTube channel.

The television project crew visited hundreds of children’s institutions to tell the stories of children who dream of finding their parents and believe in a miracle, and future adoptive parents get to know the children in order to accept them into their families, give them love and faith in goodness.

Charity culture

We hold charity breakfasts, dinners and evenings, as well as flea markets in Ukraine and abroad. At such events, we talk about children’s problems, invite influencers and collect funds to help children.

The goal of this direction is to unite people from different fields and professions to share experience, help others, draw their attention to social problems. To promote the values ​​of charity and social consciousness.

Integrate charity into other areas of life.

During the 2 years of work in this direction, the following were held: 9 charity breakfasts, 1 charity dinner, 3 charity evenings, 3 charity flea markets.

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