Mama + Me Festival

The Festival “Mom + Me” and the Foundation itself was founded. Everything began with the holiday with the entertaining program, gifts for 1000 orphan children – pupils of orphanages, shelters and boarding schools of the city of Dnipropetrovsk. This year, the Festival has become an annual tradition.


Adoption from “Children’s Home”

The main achievement of the Second Festival (2008) was the adoption of a little over a year old little boy Vanya from “Children’s house”. Ivanchik became the symbol of the festival. His face graced all the flyers and advertisements of the 2nd festival, as well as posted on the Internet. That’s where he met his parents, found him and encouraged him! It was incredible! Thanks to this episode came the idea of the television project “Talk About Me. This child needs a home” and during the first year of the program’s broadcast 49 children were adopted and taken into care!


The festival is expanding

Festivals “Mom + Me” are beginning to expand. The number of patrons is growing. Many celebrities and famous people come to visit children on holidays. Since 2009, the festival officially became sponsored by Kuzma Skryabin. The program included creative concerts, master classes, sports competitions and a mini-football tournament. In January 2011 the Dnipropetrovsk region was announced the leader among the regions of Ukraine for the placement of orphans in foster families and family-type orphanages! The state orphanages are beginning to transform, changing their status, removing orphanages, and more and more children are being placed with families! And in this there is a great merit to the festival “Mom + Me”, recognized by the state! New charitable actions to support orphaned children are beginning to appear, apart from the Festival.


Expanding the geography of Festivals

In 2017, the festival was held for the first time in the city of Zaporizhia (2,000 children).

In 2018, the festival settled in Kropyvnytskyi (1,500 children).

In 2019, the Festival was held in Kyiv at VDNG (1000 orphans),

The number of charity events is also developing, covering already 4 regions of the country. The biggest of them are: “We make children’s dreams come true”, “Orphan graduation”, “Easter promotion”, “Winter marathon”, “Sunny”, “Mentoring”, “Cashboxes”.


New programs have opened

It became decisive in the history of the Foundation. The activities of the Fund were reformatted and scaled. New charitable programs “Health” and “Investments in the future”, “Birthday of an orphan child” and “Basket of good” actions were opened.

At the end of the year, the Foundation is conducting a large-scale project “Good Story”, during which it collects 500,000 hryvnias for the purchase of medical equipment for a children’s hospital. The Foundation receives an award from the National Competition “Charity Ukraine” in the nomination “Charity Action of the Year”.


Development of projects

The development of the “Health” and “Investments in the future” programs continues, which are further developed into separate projects: “Happiness rooms” and “Speech therapy rooms and sensory rooms” – both projects are one of the first in Ukraine. Cooperation with business is developing – lotteries and charity events from partners are held. Educational activities are carried out – social advertising campaigns and the creation of a mural in cooperation with JSC Dniprogaz. In February and December, events were held within the framework of the “Good Story” project – charity flea markets. At the end of the year, a large-scale charity evening was held, at which more than 500,000 hryvnias were collected for orphans.


War in Ukraine

During the war, the Foundation works in 5 major directions:

Direct assistance

Humanitarian aid to war zones and occupation

“Health” project

Project “Returning childhood stolen by war to Ukrainian children”

Assistance to institutions

Help the Foundation

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