‘Room of Happiness’ is a specially equipped playroom in the hospital, where a child removed from a dysfunctional family can find a job, get psychological support from specialists, and forget about all the difficulties they had to go through for a while.

Hospitals have a special category of children. Children removed from disadvantaged families. At the hospital, they are being examined and waiting for their fate to be decided while the trials are underway, and social services are looking for foster families to take care of these children.

Children must stay in the hospital for up to a week, in fact they are there for 1 – 5 months. During this time, children who grew up in unfavorable conditions could undergo psychological adaptation and rehabilitation.

Solution: creation and arrangement in the hospital of playrooms for development, where children could engage with psychologists, develop their sports and creative abilities, learn and play, relieve emotional stress after years of living in inhuman conditions.

The creation of “Rooms of Happiness” takes place in several steps


Project development, construction work: dismantling, repair, electrical work, installation of furniture and equipment.


Purchase of educational games, didactic material, books, stationery, coloring books.


Organization of work with children of an educator, psychologist, rehabilitation specialist. Organization of master classes and training of children during their stay in hospital.

Already opened:

2 “Happiness Rooms” for children of all ages in the Communal Non-Profit Enterprise “City Clinical Hospital No. 9” of the Dnipro City Council

The design project was also developed by the charitable architectural bureau DRUID PROJECT BUREAU and the design engineer Dmytro Yashchenko. The contractor was selected through the Prozorro electronic platform.

UAH invested in the project

For the period December 2021 – February 2022

children covered
classes held
volunteers involved

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