Whoever cares about one life cares about the whole world.

The “Health Project” is aimed at helping orphans who were abandoned at birth, children who are born prematurely and require treatment, as well as medical institutions where orphans are treated.

‘Health’ Financial Bank and targeted assistance to orphans

When the Foundation receives a request from hospitals for the urgent purchase of medicines for orphans, it is necessary to act quickly. After all, these minutes are valuable in order to save a child’s life. Unfortunately, public funding is not enough to purchase all the necessary medicines and care products for sick orphans. The state provides hospitals with only a limited range and quantity of drugs. The only way to save children’s lives is to get help from charitable foundations and other philanthropists.

Such children have a chance. By contributing, you are helping us create a “financial bank” for the Health program. Thus, these funds will save the life of an orphan child when it is absolutely necessary.

Our Foundation will be able to urgently purchase all necessary medicines and save a child’s life when the minutes / hours are on the account.

You can regularly make a reasonable contribution to the Foundation: weekly, monthly, quarterly, annually, or at any period of time convenient for you.

Equipping children’s hospitals and departments with the necessary medical equipment

Unfortunately, the procedure for state funding and the purchase of new, modern equipment for hospitals is complicated. For the most part, such funding is insufficient. Or does not stand out at all. And children in hospitals already need modern treatment and emergency care.

Therefore, the Foundation has entered into agreements with the Dnipropetrovsk Specialized Clinical Medical Center for Mothers and Children named after Professor MF Rudnev and the Municipal Institution Dnipropetrovsk City Clinical Hospital No. 9 to provide charitable assistance for the treatment of orphans and children deprived of parental care.

Yes, children have the opportunity to receive modern and safe treatment.

units of equipment were purchased
  • Apparatus for artificial lung ventilation
  • Oxygen concentrator
  • Harmonic ACE ultrasonic coagulation scissors + tissue adaptation technology,
  • Gripping forceps 5/310MM,
  • Clip applicator Medium (two movable branches),
  • A set of laparoscopic equipment,
  • Surgical ENT microscope
  • Operating table

‘Quality of life’

Purchase of diapers, nappies, wet wipes for orphans in hospitals. Basic things that ensure quality of life.

For 2021-2022, the project has been invested


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