“MOM plus ME” Charitable Foundation is a foundation with a 15-year history of helping children, especially orphans, foster families and family-type orphanages.

We are very happy and grateful to everyone who wants to help children, who joins our Foundation, whose heart is open to kindness!

Charitable Foundation “MOM plus ME”


Helping children today, forming a successful country tomorrow!


Our Foundation works to support orphans and all children of Ukraine, to support them in difficult times, to show them a new world, to discover their abilities, to reveal their talents. We develop a culture of charity so that good deeds become a habit for everyone.

Our dream

So that all children have a chance for a happy life.

Geography of help

Kyiv, Dnipropetrovsk, Zaporizhzhia, Kirovohrad regions

In 2022 – all of Ukraine.

Our values

Main areas of activity


Support and development of children’s abilities, improvement of their physical and psychological condition.


Development of the culture of philanthropy in Ukraine, involvement of socially responsible business.


Ensuring safety and maintaining health, supporting sick orphans and the hospitals where they stay.

Urgent help

Addressed assistance to children, children’s institutions, FTO, foster and guardian families, responding to urgent requests.

Purposes of the Foundation

  1. To influence legislation. Participate in the drafting of Laws protecting the interests of orphans and children in general.
  2. Create a center to help women with children who are in a difficult situation. The main task of the center is primary assistance to women in social adaptation. The goal is to teach women to be independent and responsible for their future and the future of their own children, prevention of social orphanhood.
  3. Create a “hotline” that graduates of boarding schools and orphanages can call and receive advice from a lawyer, psychologist and other specialists, help with social adaptation after graduation from boarding schools
  4. Development (with the help of specialists) and implementation of training programs. For the beneficiaries – financial literacy, psychology of relationships, sexual literacy. For educators and adoptive parents – psychology of teenagers, trainings to improve the qualifications of specialists (specialists, speech therapists, child psychologists, etc.)
  5. Career orientation. Create a platform (online or offline) where business representatives (fund donors) will communicate with beneficiaries. Introduce your success story, talk about your business, answer questions, motivate for success
  6. To raise the level of the culture of charity among the public

*In 2022, the main goal of the Foundation is to save children from the consequences of the war in Ukraine.

Help the Foundation

You can support the Foundation right now and give more chances for orphaned children to live in happy families.

Thank you for your willingness to help!