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Before the war, we often visited our wards Dnipro hospitals of Dnipro.

We have been cooperating with the Rudnev Children’s Hospital for many years: we support children and help improve medical care. Last year, we purchased medical equipment for the hospital worth almost 2 million hryvnias, and we did not plan to stop in 2022 either.

Since February 24, we had to postpone all plans and reformat our activities, but our support and dedicated work of doctors from Rudnev remained unchanged.

Thanks to the funds collected at the charity dinner with Yevhen Khmara, we were able to purchase a larger supply of necessary special food, as well as medicines and special coatings, diapers.

We visited the hospital, took everything we needed and saw how the doctors are working now. Watch a short report on our YouTube channel:

Thank you to all the benefactors who help!

City Multidisciplinary Clinical Hospital for Mothers and Children named after Prof. M.F. Rudnev is professional help for children from birth to 18 years of age.