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Children with autism, especially refugees, find it extremely difficult during the war.

A 5.5-year-old boy with autism, who was evacuated with his parents from Kharkiv to Dnipro, needs our help.

In addition to autism, the child has numerous genetic intolerances, acetonomy, secondary mitochondrial dysfunction.

It is very difficult for children with ASD to change their usual situation, so war is a special stress for a boy. It is difficult for mothers to stand in line for humanitarian aid, and usually people do not understand the peculiarities of such children.

That is why the family needs the help of all who care!
They need special food for the child (gluten-free diet), adult products, hygiene products, towels, blankets, children’s and women’s clothing, shoes, children’s toys.

The child also needs the drug BETARGIN, which the boy must take constantly through acetonomy.

We ask for maximum help for the family, because they had to give up everything and now they have to learn to live again!