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Regardless of the learning format, all schoolchildren and preschoolers need notebooks, pencil cases, albums and much more for comfortable and effective learning!

Therefore, as part of the project “Returning childhood stolen by war to Ukrainian children”, we are launching the charity event “Light in Education”

Promotion duration: 2 months, from August 15 to October 15.

Who is the action for: orphans of IDPs and children who were left without parental care during the war.

The cost of one set to school: UAH 620.

We want to support, first of all, those children who do not have natural parents who will buy them everything they need. After all, they also deserve a comfortable education.

Let’s contribute to the development and future of Ukrainian children together!

What will each benefactor receive? A sense of the significance of the act, a contribution to the bright future of the country and positive emotions from happy children’s eyes!