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On March 4, a charity event in support of the children of Ukraine took place in Ardleigh at the Village Hall, United Kingdom!

The meeting was in the English style, which is sometimes held in the villages and towns of England, with a fair, a tea party, raffles and friendly conversation.

More than 20 people participated in the preparation of the event. Everyone baked a lot of homemade pastries for the tea party and it was in great demand among the guests. Books, flowers, paintings and author’s postcards, macrame, tableware and other things were on sale. The guests were very satisfied and absorbed the theme of the meeting.

“We were hoping for no more than £1,000 but we raised £3,000! That’s a fantastic amount for events like this here!” – says Iryna, co-organizer of the event.

In addition, Gina Gardiner launched an additional online fundraiser for her 70th birthday. She wants to raise £5,000 to support the wards of our foundation – children who remain in Ukraine during the war.

We thank the long-time friend and volunteer of the foundation, Iryna Omelchenko, and the extraordinary woman with a kind heart, Georgina Gardiner, for their comprehensive support of the children of Ukraine!