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Almost a month has passed since the launch of the charity campaign “Returning what was stolen by the war to Ukrainian children”!

During this time, we managed to collect: UAH 136,401.54!

This amount is enough to buy everything necessary for development and learning (gadgets, stationery, toys, instruments for musical children) for 6 children!

Promotion details here

We want to reach at least 100 children, so we need another 1,863,000 hryvnias!

That’s why we need your support!
You can help financially, with goods and with information!

Privatbank card: 5363542012181138


BO “BF “MOM plus I”
MFO 300647
EDRPOU 41525151

This is also a truly people’s gathering, because everyone participates in ensuring that at least 100 immigrant children receive a stable faith in a sunny future 💛