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We continue to sum up the results of the Easter action 2022!

Thank you to all the patrons and philanthropists who helped with the filling of the Easter kits!

? Thanks for Easter cakes: Boris Shestopalov and Nova Ukraine, Lara Nerush and Fransua, Lilia Kotlyar and Khutir restaurant, Davai na ty restaurant
? Thank you for the delicious sweets of Millenum, Merry Caramels, Zuckerville
? We thank KIDDISVIT, Anastasia Sokolyuk and benefactors from France, the Maltese Aid Service and Team4UA for the necessary hygiene products.
? Thank you for the toys from KIDDISVIT and Antoshka
? Thanks to Anastasia Sokolyuk and the Maltese Aid Service for the arenas we gave to the wards
? Thanks to Albert Kosegi and the Masha Foundation for meat products (goulash)
? Thanks to the Angels of Salvation Foundation for 100 food kits
? We thank Dani Kulyaba, Volodymyr Lokshin, Olga Kryvych and M Business Group for their help with cereals, pasta, sugar and oil, and Iryna Vasylega for purchasing products.