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Cargo transportation today is a real quest!

Every day we transport a lot of aid across the Dnipro and send it by mail!

Apparently, everyone knows the situation with fuel in the country, now it is difficult to find and very (very!) expensive to purchase!

Every day we send more than 15 parcels by postal service, paying for delivery at our own expense. Approximately, more than UAH 1500 are spent on this EVERY day!

That is why we always need money for fuel and to pay for deliveries by mail!

We will be grateful for any kind help, because every hryvnia you transfer to us will be used to help you, who really need it right now!

Support us financially:
(purpose of payment: fuel or delivery of assistance)
Current account BO “BF “MOM plus I”
currency UAH
MFO 300647
EDRPOU 41525151
Privatbank card: 5363542012181138