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Let’s talk a little about how the Foundation works.

The MOM Plus Me Charitable Foundation is a non-profit charitable organization, which means that we do not have state funding and constant supply, and we do not receive tens of tons of aid every week.

Everything we provide as help, we receive from patrons, philanthropists, volunteers.

All our work is based on trust and indifference to people’s problems.

That is why we always need help with money, food, medicine, because we do not have the ability to provide humanitarian assistance.

We are grateful to everyone who somehow joined and helped us – without you, our friends, we would not have been able to help more than a thousand people!

What is our strength? We believe in trust, values ​​and the people around us.

Therefore, if you can help us with any amount of money, any goods (products, hygiene products, baby food, bedding, medicines, etc.), we will be infinitely grateful!

PAYPAL ACCOUNT: +380682612280 or