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During the 57 days of war, as in peacetime, we work transparently and with full confidence! This means full accountability and honesty to our benefactors.

But, unfortunately, we also began to face fraud.

We have learned that fraudsters, using the name of the Foundation “MAMA Plus I” and the Founder Natalia Sivak, receive assistance for the Foundation. As you know, she never reached us …

We are very grateful and immensely value everyone’s trust and always remain honest. However, we cannot be responsible for other people …

Therefore, please ALWAYS request official originals of inquiries from the Foundation, with the seal, signature of the director and a specific list of required. We always have such documents, because we work officially. You can also personally agree with the director of the Foundation Natalia Sivak all the details of assistance!

We work together with you and continue to be as honest and transparent as possible! But we should all be more careful.

Thank you to everyone who helps quickly and is ready to help in everything, you have extremely good hearts.

We are always in touch ?