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Among the terrible stories, stories about light, about goodness are especially noticeable.

Thanks to the charitable foundation “Kolo”, which has already repeatedly helped us with vital products, especially dairy products (milk, kefir, butter and sour cream), such stories have become one more! A few days ago we received help from them again. Thank you!

In June, we, in cooperation with the KIDDISVIT company, handed over a large batch of dairy products to volunteers who prepare goodies for the shelter and the Armed Forces.

As a result, the volunteers baked a cake for the residents of the shelter, pies for the wounded from the hospital, and many more delicious dough products.

And it’s not just food, it’s a manifestation of care, warmth and love for those who lost their homes, who were injured and who protect us every day.

This story warms us and strengthens our belief that very soon we will win, because we are one, we care about each other!

Thank you to everyone who cares, who helps the needy, who supports our Fund and the children of Ukraine.

After all, who, if not we, should bring victory and peace in our country closer?