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The month of war has flown quickly …

We all learned (and still learn) how to live in this new reality, but from the first day, on February 24, we became more active and began to act!

During the month of the war we found many friends both in Ukraine and abroad. We learned that we can do a lot and even more! We have already broken several records of help!

We thank everyone who has always been around since February 24, it’s incredible to understand that we are saving thousands of lives!

You can see our work in our reports, in hundreds of photos and dozens of videos, but this is only a small part of our work.

But the numbers will tell you better! We have prepared a consolidated report on the activities of the Foundation for 29 days (February 24 – March 24), which collected the main achievements of the month of war.

You can see the report here.

However, our most important achievement is saved lives!

We do not stop! We move on and invite you to go together. Because together we can do everything!

You can help financially, with goods, transport and information support.

Card Privatbank: 5363542012181138

PAYPAL ACCOUNT: +380682612280 or