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As part of the project “Returning childhood stolen by war”, we give orphans our love and small gifts.
Before the New Year, 5 families visited us – family-type orphanages and foster families of Dnipro, to whom we gave toys, fruits, and candies.
20 orphans felt the care of every benefactor and volunteer who spares no resources to help others!
Implementation of this project would be impossible without our patrons. Special thanks to Anna Mezhueva.
Anna has supported this project from the very beginning and even launched the “Brave Hedgehog” project, which has already helped hundreds of children!
Thanks to Anna, we were able to buy most of the gifts and toys for the children. We really appreciate our friendship and support.
Also, thanks for the toys to Oleksandr Honcharuk and the company Big Eco Toys for the wonderful wooden toys!
We express our gratitude to Inna and Andrii Zdesenko for the tasty and healthy tangerines and apples, which especially pleased our children.