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We would like to tell you more about the amazing NFT collection of our partners – We Are Resistance project.
The collection consists of 1991 pieces. The number 1991 symbolizes the year when Ukraine was declared an independent country from the Soviet Union.
5 unique characters represent the resistance of the Ukrainian people: Babusia, Ghost of Kyiv, Mother of Ukraine, The Farmer & Zelenskyy. Behind every character of our NFT collection, there is a unique story inspired by real events from the war in Ukraine.
Every hero is a patron for specific field and organization. The Farmer helps those who need food, the Mother of Ukraine protects women and children, the Ghost of Kyiv together with Zelenskyy help our fighters, while Babusia takes care of the elderly people.
We are proud to have the Mother of Ukraine as our patron, a strong and brave Ukrainian woman, a huge part of the Resistance. More details about the Mother of Ukraine will come next.