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As before the war, so now, we support children of our category, namely orphans and children deprived of parental care.

This year the MOM plus Me Foundation is 15 years old. And during these years the Foundation supports orphans (with status and without), foster families, children in foster care, women who find themselves in difficult life circumstances or have experienced domestic violence.

Today I want to tell you about the family-type orphanage Sobol from the village of Solone, who are currently raising 14 children, some of whom have disabilities.

Now we help everyone: immigrants, low-income and large families, pregnant mothers, the elderly, but we also always remember our immediate wards – orphans!

We have been helping family-type orphanage Sobol for many years, especially during the war, from time to time covering their needs, supporting people who give warmth and upbringing to 14 orphans every day.

We are happy that we can help them and make their lives a little better even in these difficult times! All this is possible thanks to the team of philanthropists and patrons of the Foundation, the incredible Lara Nerush and everyone involved.

Now we especially need everyone’s support, all possible help to be able to help everyone who needs it.

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