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10-year-old Danylo and 1.5-year-old Varvara were forced to leave their hometown of Toretsk, Donetsk region. A family with 2 children fled from shelling into the unknown and stopped in the Dnipro.

Their story:

“When the shell fell into our yard, we were at home. It’s very scary, the dent was even on the thick intercom door, people’s windows were broken, after this incident I was just afraid to go outside. of our city and may not be able to leave, forced us to pack up and go.

I persuaded my parents to go, they didn’t want to, but thank God that they are alive and are with us, because a week ago a shell came to their house. The road was very difficult, we left at 6 a.m. and arrived at 9 p.m., although the journey is good for 3-4 hours.

War takes away our time, our life. My life seemed to have stopped, as if someone put it on pause, because we were going to Dnipro for a month, 2 at the most, and it’s already the middle of summer, and we may have to winter, because things are only getting worse at home.”

As part of the project “Returning childhood stolen by war to Ukrainian children”, we give these children gifts and faith in a sunny future!

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