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The foster family is raising 8-year-old Danylo and 7-year-old Lilia, who were left without the care of their parents. Due to the war, they were forced to leave their home in the Pologiv district of the Zaporizhia region, because there was a threat of losing their children. The children were left without gadgets for studying, because they were taken away at Russian checkpoints.

We are a foster family from the Zaporizhzhia region. From March 3, they lived in the TOT, i.e., in occupation. They survived terrible bombings and nights in the basement. Constant inspections of buildings and robberies by occupants. Children are scared. I had to leave the occupied territory because they started saying that they would select children and send them to military camps in the Rostov region. .We left on August 1 for the city of Dnipro. When we moved at the Russian checkpoints, they took away our phone, laptop and two tablets that we needed for distance learning. We cannot buy new ones at the moment as we are waiting for the documents to be processed. And a lot of money goes to pay for housing.

Required amount of assistance: UAH 30,000.

Details for contributions:

Privatbank card: 5363542012181138