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During the Easter campaign 2022 every child received an Easter cake, part of which was baked thanks to children from the USA.

Thanks to our friends from America and their children, who were actively involved in raising funds for the baking of Easter cakes for orphans and migrants in Ukraine

7-year-old Anthony Astafiev made blue and yellow bracelets to raise money and help Ukraine, later children from school joined him and opened a fundraiser for orphans and refugees from Ukraine.

Thank you Antoshka, Marianne, Amalia and their class for the opportunity and kind hearts ❤️

We thank Lara Nerush, Olena Korshun, Sofia Zhuravlova the bakery Fransua, Alexander Fedets and his company “Simeyna pekarnya” for help in holding the Easter campaign!

You are all incredible! You are all heroes of light and kindness!

Thank you to everyone who helps!

And we continue our work!