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Aid unites people from many countries!

Few days ago we received humanitarian aid from abroad with today’s much-needed items (diapers, hygiene products, blankets, food, baby food)!

Today we would like to express our incredible gratitude to the volunteer Anastasia Sokolyuk, who initiated the collection of aid from caring people in Poland and Spain.

Thanks to Anastasia and everyone who joined in helping!

Thanks to this humanitarian burden, we are already providing emergency assistance to children’s hospitals, volunteer centers, destitute low-income families and even sent part of the assistance to Kharkiv! Work continues!

We tell you more about everything in our daily reports!

We continue to sort things out, stay in touch with a large number of institutions and volunteers, constantly process requests!

Thanks again to everyone who cares for such powerful help ?

However, unfortunately, the number of refugees and those in need is constantly increasing and the number of requests is growing, so we will be happy to receive help from everyone!