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As of March 4, the “MOM plus ME” Foundation is working as usual.

We created a warehouse in Dnipro (Vernadskogo Street, 18a), where we accept help every day from 10:00 a.m.

The Foundation’s warehouses are also located in 4 locations around the city (location confidential)

In total, we created 5 warehouses so that regardless of the situation in Dnipro, we could quickly provide assistance!

Now we help all evacuated women and children!

For assistance to evacuees, you can directly call the founder of the Foundation, Natalie Syvak

If you want to help not only financially and with goods, but also as a volunteer (physical assistance, transport), call our volunteer Svetlana

Regarding financial assistance, we have current accounts and a card.

We accept help with goods at the warehouse in the office (Anastasia)

Regarding volunteer assistance, please call or write to us and outline your opportunities to help.

Our details:

Privatbank card: 5363542012181138

BO “BF “MOM plus I”
MFO 300647
EDRPOU 41525151

Everything will be fine ??