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Life is the highest value.
We have to protect our children, take care of them, take care of their safety and comfort. Unfortunately, the war harms Ukrainian children every day, so we adults must do everything possible so that little Ukrainians live and be happy.
But there are also those who are rarely mentioned – children and youth with disabilities – orphans from boarding schools.
Like 122 boys from the Bilopillya Children’s Boarding Home. The boarding school is located in the Sumy region under constant shelling, less than 15 kilometers from the hostile Russian border.
Children under the age of 18 were evacuated to a safe place, and 122 young men with mental disabilities were left alone with the war.
Due to government restrictions on the purchase of clothing during martial law, the facility cannot purchase warm clothing.
That’s why we custom made warm suits and mailed clothes, New Year’s gifts and our care!
Thank you to the Kolosova brand for the discount on suits for our wards.
We were able to do all this thanks to benefactors who do not spare time and money to help others.
Thank you!