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We need help for the residents of the village, which is in the war zone!

Because of war, 1,500 people live in basements almost all the time, have no access to humanitarian aid, and many have the opportunity to evacuate.

We decided to help and collect humanitarian aid for people who live in fear for their lives every day!

So, we need to collect 1500 sets of products + hygiene

Approximate amount of one set: 650 hryvnias. All you need is 975,000 hryvnias!

We also need medication (you can find the list in our post in Instagram). The estimated total cost is 227,823 hryvnias.

Therefore, we ask everyone who cares to provide the best possible support!

PAYPAL ACCOUNT: +380682612280 or

We have already saved thousands of people, let’s do it again ❤️