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✅ During the week of work, the employees and volunteers of the Foundation closed more than 153 requests, that is more than 600 people, of which more than 370 children received help.

✅ Medicines were purchased and handed over to adults and children who live under constant shelling in the hermitage near the Sviatohirska Lavra.

✅ They took a supply of food to the House of Mercy at the Holy Intercession Church in Odinkivka w/m, where approximately 100 people are staying.

✅ More than 60 parcels have been sent.

✅ Assistance was given to 9 orphans from the Kirovske DBST from the city of Dnipro

We thank the benefactors who made it all possible:

KIDDISVIT company, Biosphere company; the public organization and heads of the volunteer center and Vladyslav Vikhty and Ilya Kokarev; charity fund “Peremoga” and RGB idea group, Valery Pavlovskyi, Serhii Kochergin, Elina Landman, Nadia Korneenkova, the Uklon team in Dnipro, the confectionery company “Nyam-Nam”, the company Zolote Zerno, Anastasia Sokolyuk, benefactors Karina and Yulia, the center “Logos “, BO BF “Kolo” and the Genesis Logistic company, the “CHD” organization, the Malbi company, Tetyana Romanchuk, as well as everyone who helps!