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We’ve opened a fundraiser for fuel for the transportation of humanitarian goods from Lviv to Dnipro!

Cargo is already waiting for us in Lviv, but due to fuel problems in the country we need additional funds, namely 27,550 hryvnias to bring it to Dnipro!

We are now receiving more and more targeted inquiries (by region and time and Ukraine), continuing to work with shelters and volunteer organizations, and delivering assistance to hotspots and temporarily occupied settlements.

We will be able to cover part of our needs thanks to this cargo, if you help us with its transportation!

Delivering aid is becoming more difficult and expensive, but we must use the chance to save a large number of people for only 27,550 UAH!

We ask for MAXIMUM SUPPORT for this collection: money or sharing information!

Fundraising card:

5363 5420 1218 1138

If you are abroad and want to help:

PAYPAL ACCOUNT: +380682612280 or