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Weekly digest of victories!
Last week was difficult not only for us, but also for the whole city. But we do not stop and work for victory!

From July 12 to 18, we will:
✅ Closed 79 address requests. These are 79 families, 390+ people, more than half of whom are children. The amount of assistance for one such family reaches 2,500-3,000 hryvnias (depending on the number of children)
✅ We bought and handed over special food, as well as some medicines, special covers and diapers for the Mother and Child Center named after Rudnev thanks to the funds collected at the charity evening. There are more than 100+ seriously ill children in the Center.
✅ helped the “Quantum of Mercy” shelter, where about 30 women and children are staying, who are in difficult life circumstances.

Prepared and held a holiday for orphans and children under care. 39+ children received their dream gifts! Thanks to everyone involved! We will tell you more about the event later.

They bought and handed over to young pianists from Kharkiv a dream electronic piano worth 37,562 hryvnias, which was collected for at the Charity Evening with Yevhen Khmara.