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Current winter projects and actions of the Foundation, which can be supported


☃️ “Targeted assistance” project

We help families affected by the war. We provide products, hygiene products, baby food and diapers.

☃️ “Health” project

We support children in hospitals: every month we provide special food for premature babies and therapeutic food for children with palliative illnesses.

☃️ “Help to orphans” project

1. Power banks for FTO – we purchase power banks for 93 FTO wards so that children can study even during power outages

2. “Teplenko” charity campaign – we buy and give warm clothes, heaters, blankets to children from boarding schools, foster families and FTO

☃️ “Returning of childhood stolen by war” project

Charity events “New Year’s Toy” and “New Year’s Marathon of St. Nicholas” – we give children a New Year’s tale, sweets and gifts so that children do not feel alone on New Year’s holidays.

☃️ “Help to Centers and Shelters” project

We support shelters and centers for women and children who have suffered from domestic violence, shelters for migrants and people in difficult life circumstances, rehabilitation centers for children with disabilities, etc.

🎄 Winter Charity market

Online charity fair of unique lots from famous people and talented artists. All collected funds go to the implementation of the “Teplenko” charity campaign for orphans.

Each of these projects can be supported with any kind of contribution: funds, goods, informational support, volunteering!

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