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Humanitarian cargo delivered!

Finally, we can reveal the name of the settlement – help has arrived in the village of Burchak, Vasylivka district, Zaporizhia region!

On April 14, we received a message that the angels were already in place, and after verifying the acts, it turned out that ALL the cargo had arrived! Can you imagine? All 2 tons of cargo reached the destination in less than 2 days!

We managed to deliver food, hygiene products and, most importantly, medicines, including insulin (which was transported in refrigerators!), Other medicines for diabetics and asthmatics! Fortunately, we managed to collect all the necessary medicines and deliver them!

But in addition to the material, we gave the residents of Burchak warmth, care, hope and faith that they are remembered and everything will be fine!

We want to say a big thank you to everyone who was involved in the delivery of rubber aid! Thanks to Nastya Sokolyuk for two trucks of help, part of which we handed over to several occupied settlements at once! Thank you to our dear friends KIDDISVIT, Biosphere, Nadezhda Alexandrovna Koreechkina and the incredible Lara Nerush; and others! And, of course, to our angels, who carry help despite all the difficulties, obstacles, checkpoints, sometimes risking their own lives … and deliver! We also thank the Maltese Aid Service, Serhiy Kochergin, and Lisa from the Czech Republic. We thank Yegor and Lara Nerush, Oleksandr Borysyk, Lyudmila Gurova, Valeria Gurova, Tatiana Pavlova, Tatiana Mitina, Andriy Vovkodav, Eugene and Anastasia Pirsenkov for packing and transportation!

For several days, this assistance was distributed among the villagers who needed help: children, the elderly who did not receive a pension, people with chronic diseases, disabilities, for whom this help is VERY necessary!
We are very happy that we succeeded again! But we continue to work, because there are hundreds of tasks ahead! And also the Easter action.

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