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“Verkhnyodniprovsk Children’s Boarding Home No. 2” is a social and medical institution and an educational institution for the permanent residence of disabled children with physical and mental disabilities who require outside care, behavior correction, education, household and medical care.

Today, 183 boys with mental and physical disabilities live here.

With the onset of cold weather, each of them needs warm clothes and comfortable shoes, but because of the war, government purchases are suspended.

We took warm suits, comfortable shoes, fruit and chocolate to the orphanage. But the most important thing is that we gave them attention. After all, the boys were happy just to see us and chat.

We thank the benefactors, partners and guests of our charity evening in Alanya on August 27. Thanks to you, we bought warm suits and healthy fruits for the boys from the boarding school!

We would like to thank the benefactors and guests of the charity breakfast Marysya Gorobets and the MGVC community in Vienna for the funds with which we purchased comfortable shoes!

Thank you to Malbi Foods and Millennium for the delicious chocolate!

We thank the indispensable Dmytro Bilotserkovsky for the wonderful photos.

It is so important to remember those who need support. After all, you can always receive sincere emotions of gratitude in return!