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The official opening of the “Room of Happiness” took place on November 29 in the city clinical hospital №9.

This project is aimed primarily at psychological support for children excluded from disadvantaged families. “Happiness Room” – a specially equipped playroom, where the child can find a job, get psychological support from specialists, and for a while forget about all the difficulties they had to go through.

Renovation and arrangement of the room was initiated by the MOM plus Me Charitable Foundation.

In 2020, we signed a Memorandum of Cooperation with the 9th City Clinical Hospital and committed to helping orphans and children without a defined status who are in the hospital.

City Clinical Hospital № 9 is one of the clinical institutions in the city, where children who have been excluded from disadvantaged families are sent for examination. While the trials are taking place and social services are looking for foster families, the children are actually living in a hospital. The Happiness Room is a space where children can be distracted, receive psychological help and undergo psychological rehabilitation.

Also in the “Rooms of Happiness” it is planned to hold games with animators, workshops, lessons with teachers. During the quarantine there is an opportunity to deal with children online, for this the Internet is available in the room.

Funds for the repairs were provided by philanthropists, business representatives and concerned citizens who took part in the Charitable flea market, which we held on February 28.

The design project was also developed by the charity architectural bureau DRUID PROJECT BUREAU and design engineer Dmytro Yashchenko. The contractor was selected through the electronic platform Prozorro.

Renovation of the room has been completed, the official opening has taken place and young patients are ready to live in a new modern, and most importantly safe play space.

We plan to continue to open such “Rooms of Happiness” in Ukraine!

We thank everyone who participated in the creation of this project, so that children in such a difficult stage of life, were in a space of happiness!