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Few days ago the director of the orphanage from Kherson asked us for help. There are 45 children in the institution who cannot be evacuated. Our Foundation initiated the collection of humanitarian aid, but due to the lack of humanitarian corridors to the Kherson region, we decided to urgently raise funds while it is possible to purchase the necessary on the spot.

Diesel generator and food for the first week are already there!

In two days we collected 229,000 hryvnias, which have already been transferred to the orphanage in Kherson!

Now 45 boys and orphans from Kherson have warmth and food.

It is not only necessary, but also honorable to talk about those who are actively involved in all care processes today and never abandon children! After all, we are surrounded by truly wonderful people.

We closed the collection so quickly thanks first of all to the Inspira Club and its residents, we thank Andriy Zdesenko for always being with us and the children of Ukraine, the Ovchinnikov family and everyone for whom 45 orphans from Kherson became relatives! Thanks!

We continue to help these children as long as they need help, namely food, hygiene, medicine. Just as we continue to help hundreds of children and families in the Dnipropetrovsk region and throughout Ukraine!

This is not the only collection that the fund carries out DAILY! This is 1/10 of the total daily requests coming to the fund!

We continue to actively cover our activities, because we believe that this will unite even more caring people. And such quick closures prove that this is true!

Thanks again to Inspira, who is always there!