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Our campaign “Returning childhood stolen by war to Ukrainian children” continues.
Another participants of the action – brothers Ilya and Ivan, 13 and 8 years old!

Their story:
“24.02.2022 divided our life into “before” and “after”. We lived a happy, calm, measured life: the children studied at school (excellently), attended sports clubs, various educational activities. But at some point everything changed: the war forced us to leave our native home, husband/father (he is a policeman) and move to Dnipro. I didn’t want to leave, but after a projectile hit the military unit located next to our house, the nervous system could not stand it and fear for the lives and safety of the children prevailed. And here we are in Dnipro (renting an apartment), seemingly in relative safety, but the children miss their father very much (we haven’t been separated for so long), there are no classes, there is only anxiety for our hometown (now it is under fire every day) and sadness. The unknown, the lack of housing is frightening … however, any help is welcome. Thank you

Children are very versatile, as they have very demanding parents. Both are excellent students and athletes. Ilya is a judoka. He is fond of tricks on a stunt scooter (it’s a pity that the steering wheel is already low for his height), rides a bicycle and plays computer games, in fact, like all teenagers. Ivan is a novice football player, this is his main hobby now, but he also likes to collect LEGO (almost everything is left at home), ride a bike and play on a tablet.”

These children, like every Ukrainian child, had dreams and favorite activities before the war, which children were deprived of by the war. We want everyone to remember that their childhood cannot be put on hold until victory, so it is worth helping them now.

If you want to donate to help this family and children:

Privatbank card: 5363542012181138


If you want to buy and give something that children dream about, write to us, we will give a list of what is necessary!