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Before the war, children had dreams and desires, favorite toys and personal space – all this was stolen from them by the war.

We would really like to hug and help every child, but we can’t do it yet… We want to start with at least 200 children, give them back their childhood and remind the whole world about our children and that everyone can help them.

So, we would like to introduce you to the new participants of the charity event “Returning childhood stolen by war to Ukrainian children: Kira, 11 years old, and Amir, 5 years old

Here is their story from the girls’ mother:

“I am in Dnipro right now because it is very dangerous at home, in Kharkiv, where we live. Our house is in the north of Kharkiv, which is under fire every day, we live in Saltovka. We left when hail covered our street and gutted the neighboring houses reached about 30-50 meters. That’s when we decided not to tempt fate and leave.

We left with friends who had an apartment in Dnipro, so we didn’t know where to spend the night in Dnipro. We stayed with them for a Sunday, seven people lived in one room. This Sunday, we called everyone we knew at least somehow and knew that they live in the Dnipro…

We are trying to get used to this life, since we do not understand how to live on, what to do, what to pay, what to eat.. we do not have answers to these questions 😔 Younger my daughter was supposed to go to school in the first grade this fall, but now how?! We don’t have any answers either.

We can only wait, be careful to save our lives and the lives of our girls, and believe and hope in the AFU. The youngest (5 years old) is excited now swimming, wants to learn, would like points dl i swimming (no nose) and a board for learning to swim (non-inflatable).
The eldest daughter (11 years old) just loves active walks and games. I would like a basketball and a scooter for teenagers”

If you want to donate to help this family and children:

Privatbank card: 5363542012181138


If you want to buy and give something that children dream about, write to us, we will give a list of what is necessary!

Spread the word – the whole world should know about our children! We have to show that it is necessary and possible to return childhood.