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For 16-year-old Dasha, her whole life is ahead, but the special years of her youth are taken away by the war. Together with her mother, she evacuated from the city of Dobropillia, Donetsk region.

The girl is a very creative person and it is so important to support the talent that can create many wonderful things in the future.

“We left because hostilities began in our area, shells began to fly every day, a neighboring house was destroyed by a rocket and we were forced to move to another place. We left because there was a general evacuation, people began to leave the city en masse, because almost all pharmacies and shops did not work or there was nothing, there was constant shelling, it was impossible to live quietly, it was scary.

They left at their own pace, they left very early, it was scary, everyone was in a panic and in tears. Life has changed completely, we currently live near the church, the war took away from us: home, work, time, health, joy.

My health and mood have deteriorated a lot, there is no wall in my heart, life has changed and will continue to change, but we are grateful for the fact that we are still alive. I’m into video games, digital painting, classical drawing.”

As part of the project “Returning childhood stolen by war to Ukrainian children”, we gave Dasha a tablet so that she could study and develop her talent.