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War steals childhood and youth from our children, takes away the future.

15-year-old Sofia from the Donetsk region is in dire need of proper eye treatment. She plans to become a doctor and perhaps save thousands of lives in the future. If we help her now, we will return her youth.

Here is her story from a mother who is raising a girl on her own:

“We evacuated from the city of Rodynske, Donetsk region, to the city of Dnipro. We pay the payments we receive for housing rent. I work officially. But since February 25, my plant has suspended its activities. 2/3 are not paid. They are not taken to the employment center, it is necessary only to completely quit. But when victory comes and we return home to my small town, I will be without a job. I will not be hired back. I see only one way out to find a job, and not count on the benefits of the employment center.

Daughter Sofia is 15 years old and plans to enter a medical college. The child needs new glasses, but is not financially able to buy them now. In 2021, the diagnosis was myopia VD -3.0, VS – 3.0. He wears glasses, but sees a blurry picture in his glasses. Our family doctor thinks it’s from stress. Currently, it is necessary to undergo a re-diagnosis of vision, and further from the doctor’s recommendation, either new glasses/lenses, or treatment.

It is difficult to write and ask for help, because I have never asked in my life. I once worked at the Rodyn Vocational Lyceum as a master of industrial training. She herself organized charity events among students and residents of our small town.”

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