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The philanthropist and ambassador of the “MOM plus ME” foundation, together with the publishing houses of ZORYA and KNYZHKA, created an artistic project – a children’s book about the Brave Hedgehog, the main character of which will be a symbol of helping children.

In the midst of darkness, it is important to always look for light, strength and meaning! Children – our future generations – are such a light for all Ukrainians. That’s why we created a book for the project “Return to Ukrainian children of the childhood stolen by the war” of the “MOM plus ME” charity foundation. This is how we help children who were under occupation and suffered from the war.

Children are the indisputable future and hope of Ukraine, today they have become hostages of circumstances and in large numbers are forced to live abroad. Whole families left their homes. The younger generation suddenly faced the question: to cut off the roots? Adapt? Where is the necessary balance to achieve success in such complex realities?

Probably, no one will give an exact answer. However, there are undeniable “recipes”. Remembering your soil is a good start. Therefore, our goal is to introduce children all over the world to Ukrainian folk tales and Ukrainian culture, nurturing in their hearts love and respect for their native Motherland.

Anna Mezhuieva


We thought that this unique phenomenon, this unique gift, belongs to Ukrainians from birth. To know who you are, to be sincere with friends, to choose your home as needed… These important truths are familiar to us from childhood. So why not give children a fairy tale that will describe the transformation of an everyday hero into an extraordinary daredevil? Why not describe our pressing questions and dilemmas by translating them into children’s language? But, after all, why not celebrate the triumph of goodness and justice? After all, it is so necessary for both adults and children.

Anna Mezhuieva’s team and ZORYA and KNYZHKA publishing houses decided to make a book project and give children good emotions. We created a hero – Brave Hedgehog. Now it is both an imaginary friend and a favorite soft toy. Also, his story – the fairy tale “The Brave Hedgehog” is now collecting funds for the charity project “Returning childhood stolen by war to Ukrainian children”. We are incredibly happy that we can tell a story with a good ending and also be useful to the Ukrainian community.

It is not by chance that we decided to include a few more folk tales in the tale about the Brave Hedgehog. Stories from the main character in an interesting format. After all, these ancient stories, handed down to us by our grandparents, and to them by their grandparents, are the embodiment of our native worldview and traditions.

We wish you and your children harmony and the same triumph of goodness and justice as in Brave Hedgehog. Together – we are invincible!

Glory to Ukraine!

Information about the presentation of the book and the possibility of purchase will be published on the pages of the organizers.