Community of volunteers

We are actively looking for volunteers! Everyone who, like us, is interested in a healthy future of Ukraine and helping orphans!

Why can you become a volunteer?

  • Idea and satisfaction with the result.
  • Communication circle.
  • Interest, non-standard approaches and new opportunities.
  • Career, authority and self-realization.
  • Creative possibilities.
  • A way to share your experience.
  • Participation in shaping the future of the country

With whom we will be happy to cooperate:

  • translators or translation agencies (English and Ukrainian languages)
  • animators, presenters and event agencies
  • creative and PR agencies, specialists from
  • communications and SMM
  • journalists
  • designers
  • printing agencies
  • companies producing souvenir products
  • drivers with their own cars and loaders
  • lawyers and psychologists
  • doctors and teachers
  • photographers, videographers and make-up artists
  • all companies, organizations, people for whom children are one of the main values!

If you feel that you are ready to devote part of your free time to charity – fill out the form and we will contact you.

We will be glad to see you in the team of volunteers of the Foundation!

If you want to join our volunteer community and change the country for the better, please fill out this form: