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We report for May 28 – June 4!

✅ For 8 days of work, the employees and volunteers of the Foundation closed more than 154 requests, that is more than 700 people, of which more than 450 children received help.

✅ Loaded a truck and delivered beds and help from philanthropists from Kyiv to the Dnipro. They took part of the aid to the shelter and the House of Mercy. We thank the benefactors who made this possible: Anastasia Sokolyuk, the Charity Fund of Natalia Mogilevska, TM Khutorok, Yuriy Zvonar, Garik Korogodskyi and BF “Zhyttelyub”, Parish of St. Mykolaya in Kyiv, led by Father Pavel Vyshkovskiy of the OMI, the Central House of Officers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Andriy Potiyko and BF “Trushna Peremoga”

✅ We provided shelters Quantum of Mercy and Mother’s Happiness, where a mother with children who suffered from violence and ended up in a nursing home, found shelter, with a supply of food, hygiene products and some medicines. They also collected a baby box and baby food for a premature baby.

💙 Presents from Pavlo Ovchynnikov were presented to wards of displaced children and children from shelters. More than 150 children received their dream gifts and positive emotions, which are so important today! Thanks to Pavel, the KIDDISVIT company and the MyPlay store!

Thank you to the donors:

Biosphere company; to the public organization and heads of the volunteer center and Vladyslav Vikhty and Ilya Kokarev; To Yury Zvonar and benefactors of Kyiv, the Peremoga charity fund and RGB idea group, Valery Pavlovsky, Serhiy Kochergin, Elina Landman, Nadia Korneenkova, the Uklon team in Dnipro, the Yum-Yum confectionery company, the Zolote Zerno company, Anastasia Sokolyuk, and Karina benefactors and Yulia, the Logos center, the Kolo BF and the Genesis Logistic company, the CHD organization, the Malbi company, Tetyana Romanchuk, as well as everyone who helps!

Privatbank: 5363542012181138