The Foundation organizes and equips rooms for speech Therapists and speech pathologists in boarding schools where children with disabilities and children are brought up in orphanages.

Together with speech therapists, we have found the best and most modern equipment that will not only help in the correction of language and behavior but also motivate the development of both children and their teachers.

Speech therapy rooms are a chance for a successful future for orphans who also have different degrees of disability. Due to the peculiarities of the emotional and volitional sphere, it is difficult for such children to enter into a dialogue with peers and adults. Their fine motor skills are impaired, the movements of legs and arms are poorly formed, coordination causes difficulties. Therefore, language is the only channel of communication with the outside world. This channel was set up by the “MOM plus ME” foundation.

Speech therapists and speech pathologists will work with our wards, which are more than 70 thousand Ukrainian orphans, in the speech therapy offices that we propose to build. They will be able to develop the speech apparatus of children with physical disabilities. In addition to clear pronunciation, such classes teach children with disabilities to breathe correctly, which is extremely important. Let’s give orphans a chance for a successful future.

Already opened:

speech therapy rooms
sensory room

Speech therapy offices in institutions:

“Communal Institution “Dnipropetrovsk Children’s Boarding House” of the Dnipropetrovsk Regional Council”
“Communal Institution “Dnipropetrovsk Specialized Children’s House” of the Dnipropetrovsk Regional Council”
“Communal Institution “Upper Dnipro Children’s Boarding House No. 2” of the Dnipropetrovsk Regional Council

Sensory room in the institution:

“Communal educational institution “Educational rehabilitation center “Nadia” of the Dnipro City Council”

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